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Diversity Outreach

Diversify your talent pool by having your jobs automatically distributed within our network of diversity sites and 15,000+ local organizations.

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Outreach Management

Find and reach out to local organizations in our outreach directory that serve your diversity focus areas and target groups.

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Targeted Outreach

Automate outreach to your target audience by sending your jobs directly to specific organizations.

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Tracking and Reporting

Easily track and record referrals and communications with each organization.

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The Business Case for Diversity

Shifting Demographics. The US population is projected to be even more diverse in the decades ahead. By 2055, there will not be a single ethnic or racial majority in the US.

Diversity is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Companies whose workforce mirrors the demographic makeup of the communities they serve understand their customers better and retain more customers.

Benefits of Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

  • Better financial returns
  • Capture new markets
  • Improved teamwork, creativity, and problem solving
  • Higher market share
  • Innovation and development of new ideas
  • Improved retention
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Harness the power of our vast network of diversity websites and partnerships with 15,000+ local community-based organizations and take your diversity initiatives to the next level.

Diversify Your Talent Pool

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Benefits of Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

  • National network of 600+ local employment and diversity sites
  • 15M+ visitors per month
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Benefits of Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

  • National network of 600+ local employment and diversity sites
    • Women
    • Minorities
    • Older workers
    • Individuals with disabilities
    • Veterans
    • LGBTQ
    • College students
    • Historically black colleges & universities
    • Professional and industry organizations
    • Construction and skilled trade associations
  • 15M+ visitors per month
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Proactively Build Relationships

  • Find and engage diverse recruiting sources
  • Access to contact information for 15,000 organizations
  • Ability to add your own contacts and organizations
  • Send customizable messages to build ongoing relationships
  • Easily track candidate referrals from recruitment sources
  • Record any notes from calls, emails, meetings, and events

Target Your Outreach

  • Send your jobs directly to specific organizations
  • Emails come directly from your users and include your company branding
  • Customize your outreach to target your underrepresented groups
  • Select frequency and jobs to be sent out

Track Your Outreach

  • Comprehensive log of community and diversity outreach for all positions
  • Display candidate referral information for each specific organization
  • Track all communications with community-based organizations by user
Diversity Recruiting Solutions Automatic Proactive Targeted
Ramp up your outreach to create a diverse talent pipeline
Promote your jobs on our network of diversity employment sites
Job distribution to local community and diversity partners
Access our directory of over 15,000 local organizations to build relationships with organizations that serve your underrepresented groups
Send customized messages and attachments to local organizations that fit your needs
Easily track and record referrals and communications with each organization to facilitate reporting
Increase targeted outreach by sending your jobs directly to specific organizations
Boost your diversity employer brand
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Workplace diversity is embracing the differences that make us unique individuals and harnessing the variety of perspectives we bring to the table to solve problems, drive innovation, and create better outcomes that benefit everyone.