Diversity Outreach

Distribute your jobs to community organizations

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Connect with 17,500 Community-Based Organizations

Our extensive directory of local community and diversity organizations plays a big role when it comes to sourcing diverse candidates. These community-based organizations provide employment and training services to target populations and connect you with qualified candidates. Relationships with the right groups could mean more applicants for your open positions.

  • Veterans
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Historically black colleges and universities
  • Minorities
  • Universities and colleges
  • Women
  • Construction/skilled trades
  • State workforce agencies
  • Professional/technical
  • One-stop centers
  • General business
  • Diversity organizations

Track Communication with Each Organization

Communicate directly to multiple organizations from within our Outreach Management System and easily document your interaction and assessment of the organizations you reach out to. Our system allows you to build ongoing relationships with different organizations and track referrals. This allows you to effectively recognize which people and groups are best suited for your open positions, while documenting information required by the OFCCP.

  • Create custom messages and attach documents for efficient communication
  • Record notes from calls, emails, meetings, and events
  • Add referral details to track which organizations deliver candidates
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Increase Outreach Through Targeted Automation

OFCCP’s regulations have made outreach to specific types of organizations increasingly important. We make this practice simple and effortless, while improving your level of outreach success. You can control which organizations receive emails from you and with only your positions listed. It’s an exclusive promotion of your jobs over other companies.

  • Emails come directly from your users and include your company branding
  • Customize your outreach to target your underrepresented groups
  • Set up linkage agents to select the frequency and the jobs to be sent out

On-Demand Reporting Features

These reports present both the outreach we provide on your behalf through Diversity Outreach and the relationships you build directly with organizations through the Outreach Management System. The reports documenting your outreach are crucial to demonstrating your efforts and assessments for OFCCP compliance.

  • Comprehensive log of diversity outreach for all positions
  • Display candidate referral information for each specific organization you are working with
  • Track all communications with community-based organizations by user
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