With a focus on social distancing while the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rises in the United States and the world, companies are quickly shifting to work from home options. Work from home for some even includes balancing a new normal during the workday, such as having kids in the house and supporting their needs.

Tips for Working From Home

Set up a comfortable space to work. Find a space free from distractions.

Keep the lines of communication open. Raise questions and concerns with your manager.

Understand expectations from your managers on how, and how often, they expect you to communicate with them. In the absence of “pop-in” conversations, it is helpful for you to know how frequently your manager wants to be kept apprised of your work progress. Find the best way to connect — phone call, IM, email, etc.

Adjust to a new daily routine. We all have routines that keep us focused at work. Think of ways you can adapt your daily routine working remotely. You may have to adjust them, so you can focus working at home more effectively.

Increase your communication. Because you cannot be physically be with your colleagues, you have to exert more effort being engaged and visible. That means, you need to communicate more, and more often, with colleagues and your manager.

Assume positive intent and be aware about how your words may come across. It is easy to misunderstand tone in an email. Make sure you understand the impact of our messages and conversely, assume the person communicating with you has a positive intent.

Focus on making progress against objectives. It is helpful to see your work progress and the contributions you are making.

Leverage technology to collaborate. This is the best time to leverage collaborative tools such as video conference, texting and digital platforms, like “Teams,” to keep communications and collaboration going, even from a distance.

Mute your line on conference calls. But, don’t forget to unmute and contribute!

Celebrate successes, mark project milestones and acknowledge personal milestones such as birthdays, etc. It is more important than ever to recognize achievements, successes and important milestones.

Take care of yourself. Follow best practices for staying healthy!

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