OFCCP Compliance for Construction Contractors (FedCon 2020)

When construction companies sign a federal contract, they must comply with OFCCP requirements and affirmative action regulations. These legal obligations are to ensure construction contractors offer equal employment opportunities and seek to hire women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities in their outreach efforts.

This 15-minute breakdown gives federal construction contractors an overview of everything they need to ensure OFCCP compliance. Failure to adhere to these regulations can have severe consequences that impact these companies now and in the future.

In this video:

checkmark What are the obligations of federal construction contractors and subcontractors?
checkmark Are you in compliance with OFCCP?
checkmark How is OFCCP increasing enforcement of these requirements?
checkmark What are the consequences of non-compliance?

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This presentation hosted by:

landing page tim muma

Tim Muma

Product Marketing Lead

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Roselle Rogers

Vice President

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