This July issue of The OFCCP Digest is sure to be a fan favorite. Despite widespread opposition from employers, EEOC is proceeding with the collection of the Component 2 compensation data that employers with 100 or more employees are required to submit as part of their EEO-1 Report filing. Dan Kuang from Biddle Consulting Group sheds insight on how OFCCP might use this pay data when analyzing internal and external pay equity during a compliance review, and look for patterns of discrimination.

With 500 of the 3,500 establishments in 2019 CSAL list scheduled for a Focused Review, we’ve invited Lisa Kaiser of The Kaiser Law Group to leverage her experience and insight as former OFCCP Regional Director of Operations, offer practical advice to federal contractors on how to prepare for their Focused Review audit ,and share with us some best practices.

James Paretti, Jr. and Michael Lotito of Littler report on the latest regulatory agenda released by the Department of Labor and the EEOC. As if OFCCP didn’t keep the federal contractor community busy enough, there is a flurry of proposed rules covering joint employment, white collar overtime exemption, what is included in the regular rate of pay, and how tips intersect with minimum wage requirements, among others. It looks like EEOC is also seeking to address wellness programs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

Unsure how to accommodate employees with mental health conditions in your workplace? Read Brett Sheats article. The National Project Director of EARN shares with us the four ways employers can cultivate and build a supportive work environment for workers with mental health conditions.

You can learn about these and more in our July issue.