For over 25 years, HR Analytical Services has provided a complete range of affirmative action services to organizations throughout the nation.  We help organizations comply with laws enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and other regulatory agencies. HR Analytical Services closely tracks trends and new developments at OFCCP and provides innovative and practical solutions for clients before and during regulatory reviews.

Preparing for an OFCCP compliance review, especially in today’s regulatory environment, can be a complicated endeavor.  At HR Analytical Services, we help organizations understand:

  • OFCCP’s current focus points
  • What OFCCP will see in statistical reports provided in an affirmative action plan
  • How different statistical tests and different statistical structures can dramatically change the results of an OFCCP compliance review
  • How to build a relationship with OFCCP compliance officers in order to positively affect the results of a compliance review

HR Analytical Services is focused on each client’s specific needs.  Every organization is different, and we do not attempt to force each client into the same statistical structures or the same approaches in the preparation of affirmative action plans.  We ensure that each affirmative action plan accurately reflects the particular client, and we ensure that each client receives exactly the type of consulting support that the client wants and needs.

In our work with clients, the professionals at HR Analytical Services review policies and practices that may affect a client’s affirmative action and diversity initiatives.  We provide recommendations on new approaches and best practices that may help clients more effectively meet their goals and objectives.   We use statistical reports prepared for affirmative action plans to provide advice on concrete actions organizations can take to prepare for regulatory reviews and build a stronger workplace.